miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015


Mi planning

Queridos compañeros aquí os dejo el enlace al documento con mi planning
Como siempre agradecer a Isabel Pérez su trabajo en la elaboración del ejemplo para rellenar.


Objetivos de los REA

All the Open Educational Resources to be used in this unit are understood to improve  learners’ knowledge of the main topic as well as to teach the New Grammar Patterns and enable students to produce a coherent text about inventions presented in it.
They will also help students to enlarge their vocabulary stock and enable them to investigate and deepen in the world of inventions.
So, by means of the use of images to introduce the topic, interactive dictionaries, such as http://dictionary.reference.com/  to look for new words, interactive exercises and the project of the Webquest http://webquesting.tripod.com/accident.html , I strongly think that my teaching will be precise and motivating and the introduction of the Open Educational Resources within this unit will be effective.


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